Areas of Focus

Individual Counseling Services For Women

I have a passion for helping women find and use their adult voice, embrace their self-worth in Christ, and be authentic in their relationship with God, with others and themselves. For women who are ready to change and are struggling with current or past abuse and trauma, anxiety or depression, a lack of relational boundaries or have concerns about their understanding of God, I hope you will call me.

Interpersonal Workshops For Women

I love seeing women connect with other women as they commit to living their lives differently. To create a safe environment for connection, I like to keep the groups rather small – as few as 9 women but no more than 25, depending on the location of my workshop. Since women need a safe community to change, heal and grow, those who attend my interpersonal workshops have the option to create their own Safe Community Group to offer each other support and accountability as they continue their healing journey.

Domestic Violence Training For Churches And Counselors

Since 1998 I have been helping women become safe from relational abuse and begin to heal from the trauma of domestic violence. In 2010, with the help of pastors, women’s ministry leaders, former victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence professionals who work daily with this issue, I created a one-page assessment and resource DV tool that is included in my training materials for Churches, Professional Counselors, and Stephen Ministers who desire to help adult DV victims get safe from abuse. Please contact me to find out what I offer in my Training Package

 About Me

About Me

Hello, my name is Cathy DeLoach Lewis, owner of Christian Therapy Services, LLC since 2002. I am a licensed and trained professional counselor serving women from all walks of life. Click here to learn more about me.

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