Counseling for Women

“Come to me all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest for your soul.” These words from Jesus have been very comforting to me most of my life.  Pain and suffering are a natural experience of being human because Jesus also said, “You will have trouble in this world but take heart, I have overcome the world…”.  Frequently I can experience the pain and suffering while too often being too weary and heavy burdened to lean into Jesus, connect authentically to myself, and be vulnerable with the safe people in my life.

And yet even in my vulnerability and hurt, I experience hope and still seek help.  I invite you to contact me if you are overwhelmed, weary, anxious, feeling depressed, and lonely.  I invite you to contact me if your relationship struggles can no longer be ignored.  I invite you to contact me if you are with an abusive partner and you are living in an unsafe home. 

Healing can happen and rest and peace are still possible.  There is still hope. There is still help.  Let’s begin your healing journey together.

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Connecting with Women

I’m a change facilitator and I’m thrilled when I witness women slowing begin to see themselves as God sees them.  Women need a safe community to connect, change, heal, and grow.  Even though our therapeutic relationship can be a beginning to experiencing safety while you’re being vulnerable, it’s in sharing your deep hurts and connecting authentically with other women that accelerates your healing.

So connecting safely with other women is why I offer Women’s Connection Events.  These events usually last 90 minutes and are held different days/times and can be virtual and live for those who are fully vaccinated from COVID 19.  Some events will be free while others will be what you can afford to pay.  You are also encouraged to invite a friend to come.

I hope when you participate in these Women’s Connection Events, you will consider forming your own Safe Connecting Group, with my help if needed, to offer support for and accountability to each other on your healing journey. 

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Collaboratively Caring for Women

Some women who need Professional Christian Counseling services are regular attendees or members of a faith community that have benevolence funds to help pay for counseling services.

Which is why I have a Church Partnership Program.  I’ve collaborated with local churches and partnered with them to help care for women who need financial help for professional counseling.  If you have limited funds to pay for counseling and want to contact your church for help with counseling, then:

Step 1:  Complete my Church Partnership Form.  

Step 2:  Take form to your faith community where you worship and ask if there are benevolence funds to help pay for my counseling services.

Step 3: Ask your church contact to complete this form to partner with me to help with your counseling.

Step 4:  Call me so I can hear more about your counseling needs, tell me you have a completed Church Partnership Form and then we’ll schedule our first appointment.

Step 5:  Bring your Church Partnership Form and your portion of my fee with you to our first session.

Some churches I’ve partnered with include New City Church, Elevation Church, Transformation Church and Forest Hill Church

About Me

I am Cathy DeLoach Lewis, founder and owner of Christian Therapy Services since 2002. I am a licensed and trained professional counselor serving women who desire to connect, heal, and grow. Click here to learn more about me.  Click here for my counseling rates, specialties, insurance, and payment options.

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