Women’s Connection Events

Many women are carrying too many burdens for too many people while also attempting to care for themselves.  Burdens are like boulders, too heavy to carry alone, yet not too heavy to carry with others and with God.

So, consider attending a Women’s Connection Event to gather in person or virtually to connect and help lighten each other’s heavy burdens.

Women’s Connection Events …where we will gather in person or virtually to experience…

Coffee & Conversation

Lunches & Learning

Safe Connection Groups

These events will last no longer than 90 minutes, and cost will be FREE or what you can afford.  We’ll cover topics such as…

Connection: Anecdote to Loneliness

Connection: What’ s Needed to Experience It?

Connection: Taking Risks, Being Vulnerable

Connection: With God, with Yourself, and with Others

Connection: Afraid to Be Me

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